Who We Are

The group was founded by the Egyptian graphic designer Alaa Abdel Rahman in 15/4/2012 in Fayoum Governorate in Egypt. From the beginning, the vision was towards the Egyptian market and providing advanced marketing services locally, and after 6 years of founding Home Graphics, development was inevitable. Our vision to the world through Egypt

The world is developing at an accelerated pace, forcing companies and administrative bodies to meet global standards in all production details Creative, service delivery and business management in all its branches

There is no doubt that the Arab Republic of Egypt occupies an advanced position in the development of national human resources and channeling public awareness towards the optimal utilization of local resources


The field of marketing solutions is relatively new and it is difficult to achieve stable profits, especially in Local market such as North Upper Egypt, which consists of 3 governorates (Fayoum – Bani Suef – Menia). This is due to the spread of ignorance and low level of scientific and cultural awareness of most of the social strata in these Geographical area, but it is possible to use this rock as a basis for the success of the activities of the group In this market, especially with the lack of professional competition.

The achievement of international standards and obtaining certificates of approval from the EOS (Egyptian Organization for Standardization and Quality) Transfer to the world by obtaining the ISO certification in all corners of the company structure The task is not easy and is not simple and needs to apply international quality standards of a special kind, Global word standards have a broad concept and are particularly difficult to investigate especially in segments Demographically, culturally and ideologically framed frames and concepts harmful to society.

Objectives and mechanisms

We will seek within Graphic Home for advanced marketing solutions to achieve this vision through the team’s mission through:

– Creating, activating and realizing CSR concepts and implementing the Corporate Social Responsibility.

ESG Corporate Governance (Environmental and Social Governance) – Criteria used in socially responsible investments .

– Achieve the standards of responsible investment in order to work on access to business segment B2B and B2G inside and outside the Republic The Arabian Egypt

– Providing effective and sophisticated marketing services

– Provide maximum transparency and credibility with customers and the public

– Provide all possible facilities and ensure the satisfaction of customers permanently

– Offering the utmost professionalism in the application of technical standards in graphic design and creative production

The group consists of several companies and commercial entities based on the provision of various services in the field of business management and solutions Marketing, and managed entirely through one integrated management system characterized by modernity and development.

In addition, the Group operates a partnership system in foreign projects where it owns shares in the projects of some customers It also operates a partnership and sponsorship system without funding with competitors in the market, and income sources vary The group covers several areas such as information technology, digital marketing, computer graphics, photography, technology investment and human resources development.